What can Jester Estates, TX, Electrical Services Company Abacus Do for You?

Looking for a residential or commercial electrician in Jester Estates, TX? You don’t need to look any further than Abacus Plumbing’s electrical division. Our licensed electricians are industry experts who perform all residential and commercial electrical services. We offer emergency services as well, so be sure to keep our phone number stored!

If you are experiencing electrical issues in your home or commercial building, call us right away. It’s not good to let electrical problems go unaddressed. Electricity is a powerful force that can cause severe damage if not managed safely.

Abacus Electrician Services in Jester Estates, TX

  • Lighting Installation Inside the Home or Building
  • Residential and Commercial Lighting Design
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting (Signage, Parking Lots, Arenas)
  • Exterior Security Lighting
  • Exterior Living Space Lighting
  • Electrical Panel Service & Replacement
  • Fan Installation—Ceiling, Exhaust, Attic, Whole House
  • Outlets—Standard and GFCI
  • Home & Commercial Surge Suppressors
  • Upgrades for Code Compliance
  • Grounding Systems
  • Meter Bases
  • ARC-Fault Breakers
  • Appliance Wiring
  • Generator Installation

Electrician Levels in Jester Estates

In Jester Estates and throughout Texas, electricians are licensed at four levels.

Beginner electricians are apprentices. They are starting out in their training and are not yet licensed so must work under an advanced electrician. After 24 months of training plus passing a state electrician’s exam, apprentices become wiremen.

Wiremen have worked in the field for two years, passed an electrician’s exam, and are licensed. They can work on residential projects without supervision.

Journeymen have more experience and credentials than wiremen and are permitted to work without supervision on all projects, commercial and residential.

The master electrician is the most advanced level. Master electricians have worked in the trade for at least seven years and supervise all other levels of electricians.

Jester Estates, TX, Best Electrical Company Services

What kind of electrical services can you expect from Abacus Plumbing’s electrical division?

Here is a partial list. For a complete list, please visit the Services page on our website.

Appliance Wiring in Jester Estates

Thinking of installing a new appliance that you haven’t had before? Know that you will likely need to have special wiring installed for it. Larger appliances draw more voltage than an existing circuit (one that already serves power to lights, fixtures, and outlets) can deliver. Plugging in and running a large appliance off an existing circuit would result in an overload and the current in that circuit turning off. Call Abacus electricians for dedicated circuit installation for your new appliance.

Electrical Panel Service & Replacement

Electrical panels are also called breaker boxes. They are the place where power enters the home from the electric company and then gets divvied up among all circuits of the house or building. Electrical panels require servicing periodically, and more often as they age. When breakers start tripping frequently, it’s a sign that the breakers may need upgrading. An old breaker box—say, more than 30 years old—might even need to be replaced. An electrician understands the function of an electrical panel and will service, repair, upgrade, or replace it.

Whole-House Rewiring Jester Estates, TX

For the same reason that electrical panels need replacing, so do wiring systems throughout some homes. Old electrical systems may have faulty or loose wiring, wiring that has been compromised by rodents and pests, and wiring that is simply not up to today’s code. Wiring in older Jester Estates homes also may not be able to handle the electricity demand of the modern family with all its devices, gizmos, and appliances. For all these reasons, Abacus electricians install new wiring systems. Call us for an assessment of your electrical system.

Fixture & Lighting Installation

Fixtures and lighting systems are installed by licensed electricians. Interior systems run the gamut of fixture types, from track and recessed lights to sconces, chandeliers, pendant lights, drop lights, and specialty lighting under cabinets and inside closets. Need help designing a comprehensive lighting system that blends function with aesthetics? Our Abacus lighting designers will help.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Keep your Jester Estates, TX, home as safe as possible by having the outside of it well lit. Dark corners provide cover for intruders, but illuminated spaces discourage unwanted visitors. Abacus electricians install floodlights, garage lights, motion-activated lights, and lampposts to keep homes and buildings secure at night.

Landscape & Outdoor Living Space Lighting Jester Estates, TX

A thoughtfully illuminated landscape makes a big difference when it comes to a home or building’s nighttime curb appeal. Ramp up the looks of your exterior with well-placed spotlights and ground lights. Don’t know where to put them? Abacus lighting designers will draw up a plan that, when implemented, will have all your Jester Estates neighbors saying, “Wow!”

Jester Estates Generator Installation

Standby generators are a homeowner’s best friend when the power suddenly goes out. Standby generators sense a current loss and immediately turn on and supply power. They come in different sizes, so you’ll need to decide how many appliances you want to keep running if the power goes out. An Abacus generator specialist can guide you in the selection process and Abacus electricians will install the generator.

Outlet Installation—Standard and Safety

Abacus electricians install all types of outlets. Safety outlets include Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI). This kind of outlet reduces the chance of people getting electrocuted in rooms where moisture or water is present—kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and porches. GFCI outlets contain sensors that detect when an electric current is flowing through something it shouldn’t. They should be tested regularly because a malfunctioning GFCI won’t provide the protection it is designed to offer. Call Abacus electricians to replace non-working GFCI outlets and keep your Jester Estates, TX, household safe.

Jester Estates Electrical System Inspections

Schedule annual inspections of your electrical system. Abacus electricians go through your home or business building and perform a thorough test on all parts of the system to assess their health. An inspection will show up loose, faulty, and overloaded wiring, breaker issues, and the like.

Call Abacus electrical division for the best Jester Estates electrician services and for electrical panel replacement in Jester Estates.