What Does the Best River Place, TX, Electrician Offer?

The best River Place, TX, electrical services company offers a complete list of services to commercial and residential clients alike. A company of this quality is hard to find, but you’ve come to the right place. Abacus Plumbing’s electrical division is run by highly-skilled, licensed electricians who perform installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of home and business electrical systems.

Do you suspect an issue with your wiring? Don’t wait any longer to call us. Electrical malfunction can result in hazardous situations, and these problems should not be ignored! Let Abacus help you address and correct any problems right away.

Abacus Electrical Services in River Place, TX

  • Breaker Box Service and Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Code Compliance Service
  • Commercial and Residential Lighting Design
  • Commercial Lighting Installation (Lots, Arenas, Storefronts, Signage)
  • Dedicated Appliance Circuits
  • Exhaust & Attic Fans
  • Fixtures and Specialty Wiring
  • Generator Installation
  • Grounding Systems
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Meter Bases
  • Outdoor Security Lighting
  • Residential Lighting Installation
  • Standard & GFCI Outlet Placement
  • Structural Surge Suppressors (Home & Commercial)
  • Whole House Fans

Electrician Licenses in River Place, TX

At local, state, and national levels, electricians move through levels of licensing as they become more experienced and qualified.

As an electrician is just beginning their career, they hold the title of apprentice and train under a licensed electrician. They are not yet licensed but carry an apprenticeship certificate until, after two years of training, they take a state exam to obtain their wireman license.

A wireman holds the first level of electrician licensing after two years of training and passing a state exam. They are qualified to perform residential work.

A journeyman is one level above wiremen and can work alone in both residential and commercial environments. He or she can also supervise apprentices.

After working in the industry for at least seven years and passing another exam, a journeyman can become a master electrician. This is the highest status an electrician can hold.

River Place, TX, Electrical Contractor Services

Any electrical service you need, whether at the commercial or residential level, Abacus Plumbing’s electrical division can do. To see a full list of what we offer, visit the Services page on AbacusPlumbing.com.

Dedicated Circuit Installation in River Place, TX

Most large appliances use too much power to share a circuit with other appliances and devices without overloading the circuit and tripping the breaker. For this reason, they need their own dedicated wiring, called a dedicated circuit. If you purchase a new appliance that doesn’t have an existing appliance circuit, you’ll need a licensed electrician to install this dedicated circuit. In both residential and commercial settings, Abacus technicians routinely install dedicated appliance circuits.

Electrical Panel Maintenance, Repairs, & Replacement

Often referred to as a breaker box, an electrical panel is the central point of a building’s electrical system. This is where the power to the house is directed, divided, and disbursed to designated circuits throughout the home. Over time, electrical panels wear down and wear out, especially if they’ve received constant exposure to pests and weather over the years. Breakers that trip frequently due to circuit overloads may need to be replaced, and an electrical panel that hasn’t been properly maintained may need to be serviced and even replaced. Only a licensed electrician should do this work.

Rewiring in River Place, TX

Think of the number of appliances and devices in the modern family’s home – smart devices, advanced sound systems, laptops, TVs in every room, gaming systems, and more. Older River Place homes, like those built over 30 years ago, may not have a wiring system capable of supplying enough electrical current to meet the needs of a typical family. It’s a good idea to get a power audit so that you know where you stand. Call Abacus to take this step.

River Place, TX, Fixture & Lighting Installation

Today’s market holds an overwhelming variety of lighting systems and fixtures to choose from, including pendant and drop lights, recessed lights, sconces, ceiling dome lights, chandeliers, track lights, and specialty systems such as built-in and under-cabinet lights. If you’d like professional help putting together a practical and attractive lighting system, let Abacus designers put together a plan with you.

Landscape Lighting River Place, TX

Spotlights and ground lights installed in garden beds can drastically change the look of your home’s exterior. What was once dull can become elegant with targeted beams of light, dramatic shadows, and illuminated accents. The lighting designers at Abacus will consider your property, preferences, and budget to select the perfect type and placement of landscape lights to maximize results.

Security Lighting (Exterior)

Is your River Place, TX, property well-lit? If not, it could be welcoming to trespassers who can move about unnoticed in shadows and dark corners. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: outdoor security lighting. Have an Abacus licensed electrician install motion-activated lights and floodlights around your home, outbuildings, and driveways.

Generator Installation

If you suddenly lose power in River Place, have a plan B so you can keep going about your business. In the case of a power outage, River Place standby generators will automatically switch on to keep your important appliances and devices going and turn off again once they sense the main power source has been restored. Talk with a representative from Abacus to learn about generator sizes and make the best decision for your home.

Outlets: Standard and GFCI

The licensed electricians at Abacus install standard outlets as well as GFCI outlets. What are GFCIs? Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets are designed to monitor currents and detect when one is traveling where it shouldn’t (like through a person!), to protect people from electrocution.  We install GFCI outlets in laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and garages, and on porches with weatherproof boxes or lids.

Electrical Inspections for River Place, TX Homes

The electrical systems of River Place homes and businesses should be inspected every year. During this inspection, a licensed electrician combs through each part of the system, looking for compromised breakers, faulty or loose wiring, overloaded circuits, and more. If weak areas are identified, the inspector can recommend necessary repairs or replacements. Call now to have an Abacus electrician inspect your system.

River Place, TX, homeowners, and business owners: you can count on Abacus for the best River Place electrician services and the best River Place electrical panel replacements.