Home Owners: Get the Best Electrical Services Tech Ridge Has with Abacus

Tech Ridge homeowners, as you put together your go-to list of tradespeople, be sure to add Abacus electrical services. Our seasoned electricians take on all residential and commercial tasks, from simple ceiling fan installations to electrical panel replacements and whole-building rewiring.

If you’re noticing electrical issues in your Tech Ridge home, call us right away. It’s better to get issues looked at quickly rather than put them off and risk having them develop into dangerous situations. Our Abacus electricians will look at the problem area and make necessary repairs efficiently and affordably.

Abacus Services in Tech Ridge, TX

  • Home Lighting Design
  • Interior Lighting Installation
  • Exterior Security Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting Design & Installation
  • Ceiling Fans & Whole House Fans
  • Exhaust & Attic Fans
  • Outlets and Switches
  • GFCI Safety Outlets
  • ARC-Fault Breakers
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades & Replacement
  • Electrical System Inspections
  • Rewiring
  • Home Safety Checks
  • Grounding Systems
  • Meter Bases
  • Code Compliance Service

Electrician Levels in Tech Ridge, TX

Electricians in Tech Ridge fall into four licensing categories: apprentice, wireman, journeyman, and master.

Apprentice electricians are just starting out, building up experience, and working toward licensing at the end of two years. Wiremen are licensed and have been trained for at least two years. They can work unsupervised on residential jobs. Journeymen have more experience and can work commercial and residential jobs without supervision. Master electricians are at the top of the totem pole, with at least seven years of experience on all kinds of electrical jobs.

Tech Ridge, TX, Electrician Services by Abacus

Home Lighting Design Tech Ridge, TX

Deciding what size and style of lighting fixtures should be installed throughout a house takes thought and planning. Abacus lighting designers can help. Get expert guidance on your lighting plan so that you end up with the results you want.

Interior Lighting Installation

Home lighting includes many types of fixtures—ceiling domes, track lighting, pendant, and drop lights, can and recessed lights, chandeliers, sconces, closet lights, and under-cabinet lights. Get the experts to install all your fixtures securely and aesthetically.

Tech Ridge, TX, Exterior Security Lighting

Make sure the outside of your Tech Ridge home is as secure as possible by installing security lighting. This could mean floodlights or just simple exterior lights that illuminate dark areas. Get rid of shadowy places where intruders could hide.

Safety lighting is illumination that helps people see where they’re going at night so they don’t trip and fall. Safety lighting includes path lights, lamp posts, lanterns, porch lights, and garage lights.

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

Thoughtfully lit landscaping turns trees, shrubs, and garden beds into artistic canvases at night. Don’t know what kind of lights to install outside? Call us. Abacus landscape lighting designers understand what types of lights show off foliage and trees. Spotlights, ground lights, post lights, and lanterns all have a part to play in transforming landscaping at night.

Ceiling Fans & Whole House Fans Tech Ridge, TX

Does your Tech Ridge, TX, home need ceiling fans installed? Consider the room size when you purchase your fans. Put 30-inch fans in small rooms, 42-inch fans in medium rooms, and 52-inch fans in large rooms. Make sure there are nine feet from the bottom of the fan to the floor and at least 18 inches from the tip of the fan blades to the walls.

Don’t want to bother with installing the fans yourself? Call Abacus.

Whole-house fans operate on air pressure principles, so it’s usually best to have professional electricians install this type of fan.

Exhaust and Attic Fans

Exhaust and attic fans have different functions in a home. Exhaust fans draw fumes up and out of the home. Attic fans push hot air out of the attic through vents.

Tech Ridge, TX, Outlets and Switches

Installing outlets and switches is the province of licensed electricians. Switches come in many different types, such as single-pole, toggle, rocker, three-way, dimmer, push-button, pull chain, wireless, motion-activated, mercury, smart, and more.

GFCI Outlets

These outlets are designed to keep people from getting electrocuted. They are installed in places where water is nearby and contain sensors that detect when the electric current is going through improper objects—like humans. GFCI outlets should be tested periodically because a malfunctioning GFCI won’t protect anyone. If any of your GFCI outlets aren’t working, call Abacus to have them replaced.

Arc-Fault Breakers

These breakers detect conditions in which dangerous arcing could occur—like loose or faulty wiring. When they detect these conditions, the breakers turn off the flow of current in that circuit.

Electrical Panel Upgrades & Replacement Tech Ridge, TX

Aging electrical panels often need work. Their breakers may need to be replaced or sometimes the whole electrical panel (also called a breaker box) needs to be switched out for a new one. This happens when the panel and breakers get old and deteriorated and don’t function as they need to.

Home Rewiring Tech Ridge

Rewiring is necessary in different situations. Faulty wiring, loose wiring, and wiring that has been damaged by rodents or pests may need replacing. Another situation calling for whole-house rewiring is in older homes whose electrical systems can’t keep up with the power demands of the modern household. Older homes’ wiring was robust enough 30 years ago, but now it needs to be replaced to accommodate all the devices and appliances drawing power.

Electrical System Inspections

Every year, a home’s electrical system should get inspected. It is like every other home structural system in that it needs to be checked regularly to ensure proper functioning. Call Abacus to schedule your inspection.

Home Safety Tips

  • Keep extension cords out from under rugs and carpets
  • Use extension cords as temporary power solutions, not permanent
  • Replace damaged power cords
  • Avoid putting water on an electrical fire; use a fire extinguisher
  • Got sparking appliances? Unplug them
  • Schedule yearly inspections of your electrical system

For your Tech Ridge, TX, electrical repairs and installations, call Abacus Plumbing’s electrical division. We are the best electrical services contractor in Tech Ridge.