Do You Need Electrician Services in Hutto, TX?

Homeowners and commercial building owners in Hutto, TX, need to have a reliable electrician to call for standard and emergency services. Abacus technicians are top-rated Hutto electricians and are available every day.

If you’re experiencing an electrical problem, don’t let it develop into an emergency. Call Abacus today. We’ll send an electrician to assess the situation and make repairs. It is important to deal with electrical issues immediately and ensure the safety of your home and family.

Abacus Services in Hutto, TX

  • Appliance Wiring
  • ARC-Fault Breakers
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Exhaust and Attic Fans
  • Whole-House Fans
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Electrical Panel Replacement
  • Grounding Systems
  • Meter Bases
  • Interior Lighting and Fixtures
  • Specialty Lighting Design
  • Code Compliance Service
  • Home Surge Suppressors
  • GFCI and Standard Outlets
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Safety Lighting
  • Outdoor Living Space Lighting

Four Levels of Licensed Hutto Electricians

Electricians start out as apprentices and may progress to become Master electricians.

Apprentice electricians are not yet licensed, so they must work under a licensed electrician for two years until they can take and pass a state exam. After passing the exam, the apprentice becomes a licensed wireman and can work unsupervised in residential settings. Until the electrician reaches journeyman status, he or she cannot work unsupervised on a commercial job.

The journeyman electrician is an experienced electrician who can work on both commercial and residential jobs and can also supervise lesser-qualified electricians.

The master electrician has been in the trade for at least seven years and is the most experienced level of all electricians.

Hutto, TX, Best Electrician Services

Electrical Panel Service

Abacus electricians in Hutto provide complete electrical panel services. This includes installation, repair, upgrades, and replacement. Electrical panels—also called breaker boxes—are the point at which outside power enters a home and gets distributed into the home’s wiring. Panel upgrades or even replacements are sometimes required in older homes. If breakers have corroded, deteriorated, or otherwise aged in such a way that they no longer work properly, they need replacing.

If you’re uncertain about the integrity of your electrical panel, notice whether the breakers trip often and must be reset. That’s a clue that the panel needs attention.

Hutto, TX, Rewiring

House rewiring may sound a little intimidating, but the need for it is not uncommon in older Hutto homes. Homes built more than a few decades ago with their original wiring are sometimes not able to support all of today’s family’s devices and appliances. When breakers trip, lights dim, cords feel hot, and outlets make sizzling noises, these are all signs that the electrical system is overloaded and needs to be shored up or even replaced. Call Abacus for a consultation.

Outlet Installation (Standard and GFCI)

Hutto, TX, homes, and buildings are fitted with both standard and GFCI outlets. Standard outlets are found in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. GFCI outlets are installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and garages. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. These outlets have sensors that interrupt, or stop, the current flow that is going in improper directions. They keep people from being electrocuted. It is important that GFCI outlets are tested regularly and replaced if malfunctioning.

Hutto, TX, Lights, and Fixtures

Abacus electricians have experience installing all kinds of lights and lighting fixtures, including ceiling lights, can lights, recessed lights, track lights, pendant lights, drop lights, under-cabinet lights, etc. If you don’t know what lights to install in your new Hutto home or renovation, ask us. Our consultants will be happy to help you decide on the best lighting for your spaces.


Generators come in sizes from small to large. Most Hutto homeowners who install generators select a size that will power at least a few appliances in the event of a power failure. Standby generators are designed to turn on instantly when their sensors detect a loss of power. This means that even though the primary source of power has stopped, there is virtually no impact on the function of the devices or appliances connected to the generator.

Hutto, TX, Appliance Circuits

Larger appliances need their own wiring because they pull too much power to be plugged into existing circuits. Licensed electricians install appliance circuits. Call Abacus if you want to purchase and install a new appliance such as a dishwasher, electric range, wall oven, microwave, dryer, washer, water heater, furnace, a/c unit, garage door opener, or sauna.

Landscape Lighting

Does your property look like a black hole at night? Consider inviting an Abacus outdoor lighting designer to help you transform the nighttime look of your landscaping. With some well-placed spotlights, ground lights, path lights, and lanterns, your property will be transformed. Landscape lighting will make it a pleasing difference and will also boost your home’s curb appeal.

Security Lighting Hutto, TX

Does your Hutto home have dark areas around it that could conceal an intruder? Make sure the perimeter of your home is well-lit. Abacus electricians install security lighting such as floodlights, lampposts, and outbuilding lights.

Are there areas around your home where people could fall if they can’t see where they’re going? Install path lights, post lights, and lanterns to illuminate sidewalks, pathways, and uneven areas outside.

Electrical System Inspections

We encourage all home and business owners to schedule yearly Hutto, TX, electrical system inspections. Electrical systems are like other structural systems that can deteriorate over time, especially if exposed to weather and pests. Wiring can become loose, get chewed by rodents, or develop vulnerabilities over the years. Wiring that is overloaded will also become apparent in an inspection. An inspection identifies problem areas and places that need repair or replacing.

For your Hutto, TX, electrical needs, contact Abacus electricians. We provide the best Hutto electrical contractor services and the best electrical panel replacement services in Hutto.